We worked with games development company Triangular Pixels, to create graphics for their Playstation VR game, Smash Hit Plunder.


SHP is a pixel style 3D game for Playstation VR, where the VR player has to smash their way through a medieval castle and hunt for treasure. It has a full story mode and couch multiplayer, allowing pad players to join in using controllers and the TV screen.


We were responsible for the design, 3D modeling and Animation of all the characters in the game, as well as other visual aspects of the game, such as the user interface.


We also assisted with the the marketing media creation, by storyboarding and producing as trailer (see below), creating a range of presentation images and a promotional website.

Concept Art

Before creating the in game content, we first created a range of concept art. This helps explore ideas in a more cost effective way, and make the final production of in game content more straightforward.

In Game Art

Below are some of the best screen shots of the in game content. For this project we used an interesting pixelated 3d style, with the aim of making the player feel more like they were inside a retro game. We did initially start with a more blockly look than is seen here, but later developed this combination of low poly and pixeled style, to give some of the caracters and important objects clearer details.

Marketing images

Finally we created a range of more detailed and composed marketing images and video content, which would be used to promote the game across many platforms, such as social media, trailer videos and printed banners.

Smash Hit Plunder is available f form shops and the Playstation Store now, check it out and let us know what you thought of it!

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