HTC Vive Demo Booth- Guide Bot

The Vive Demo Booth is a VR application that will be installed into shops and public spaces, which will show the public how to use the HTC Vive and demo some of the existing games and applications.


We worked with Triangular Pixels on this project and were responsible for the design and creation of a 3D “Robot” guide, who talks to the user and helps the player in VR.


Before jumping right into 3D, we created some simple drawings with options for different Robot designs. These were based off the existing HTC hardware and Vive brand guidelines. We tried to think "What would a Robot look like if HTC made one?"

Next we made the chosen design (6) into 3D. We would normally produce a model after a bit more concept art, to save time, however in this instance we wanted to ensure that the characters shape felt right in VR, and this was the only way to test that.

Having the character in 3D meant we were also more easily able to explore different materials without too much rework.

Once the design had been refined, we optimised the model and produced "game ready" textures for it, to allow it to be used in the application.

Finally we created a range of animations for the model, and setup up some in engine VFX (such as the eyes, to bring the character to life.

HTC were really pleased with the final character, and have plans to use it again in other marketing projects.

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