Airbus came to us with the idea of an Augmented Reality application that would be used in airshows around the world, to help support their presence, delivering information in a novel, clear and non intrusive way.


Together, we developed an engaging solution that used fictional Airbus employees from the future, called Hologuides, that had come back to the present to their audiences what they were seeing.


The first step in the work was to create the guides. We designed the hologuides from imagination, creating costumes with Sci Fi and modern technology influences, we wanted them to be believable, but still futuristic.


Once the characters were designed, we created them in 3D, and added animation to them.


Next we built a bespoke application in the Unity 3D game engine. In Unity we added lip syncing to the characters based on pre recorded audio and combined the animated characters with the AR technology. Lastly we created a custom UI for the application and published it to mobile devices (iOS and Android).


The result was a simple to use app that allowed the user to view a map of the airshow, find markers and when scanned the guide would appear explaining all about where they were.


We were also able to expand the application to include multiple languages, which updated the UI and character voices when selected, and we added an option to enter a competition once all the markers were found.


The results were very good, at a typical day at the airshow hundreds of people would use the app and all feedback received on the app was very positive.




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