Airbus needed a way to show off their sites and offices to potential new employees. As the potential candidates are often specialist and come from all over the world, we wanted to create a solution, that would allow them to "visit" and experience life working at Airbus, with ease.


Together we created a new kind of virtual tour, using Web GL and 360° photography. In this tour, potential employees could visit the Airbus location through their web browser. 360° images allowed the user to look around and explore their site at their own pace.


We added interactive points, or "hotspots" which allowed Airbus to embed existing media relevant to the area the users were looking at. As well as this, we created some quiz hotspots and a objective system, which would be used to give the user a task list and help guide them through the experience.


Aside from being able to explore the site, it was very important that we could interact with the people there.  Stealing and idea from popular role playing computer games, we created a system of pre recorded interviews and responses to questions. This meant the user could chose what questions to ask the employees, and see a video response. From these we created a conversation tree with the aim of mimicking real life conversations.


The capture equipment- a Go Pro Fusion for the environment images and a Canon DSLR for interview videos.

This project was not without its challenges! New 360° equipment had just become available but with it were some complicated work flows, which our editing software was not really ready for until half way through.


We also discovered some things, such as interviews, just work a lot better in traditional video rather than 360, as really you just want to focus on the subjects face for an interview, and not all the surroundings.


Ultimately we overcame the challenges and created a result that is unique and solves the problem well. The technology is always improving and we are excited to see what we can do with it next time!


If you would like to try the application yourself, check it out here.

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